Let us prove to you that we can save you time and money. If you CANNOT find the vehicle you want, We guarantee you will have GAINED VALUABLE KNOWLEDGE and pass it on to others. We are licensed and bonded and have operated out of the Orlando Area for over seven years to wholesale customers across the USA, Canada and Europe.

Our History

This is just a preliminary entry…I will fill in the blanks when I have some free time..


Paul begins purchasing cars at auction for friends, family, acquaintances, paying a fee to use other dealers licenses. NOBODY thought his dream of one day, helping people buy a vehicle ONLINE, SIGHT-UNSEEN was possible. For 3 years he bought local, hands one while learned the ins/outs of the “Auction Buying” industry.


After receiving overwhelming demand, Paul, after 3 years learning how to buy from the auction safely, with his partner Chris (an Orange County Deputy Sheriff/Air Force Reserve Captain, started their own dealership. HBO Auto Inc (Help (your) Brother Out. They concentrated on helping Military/Vets/LEO’s/1st Responders buy vehicles. Then they went national and included helping more civilians as well.


Due to the increasing demand while still fulfilling his goal of 100% customer satisfaction, Paul begins training new employees to do this THE RIGHT WAY. MANY have come and gone because they do NOT want to do this the RIGHT WAY or SPEND THE TIME it takes to do this THE RIGHT WAY. Some of those people went off and TRIED or are TRYING to duplicate THE RIGHT WAY and NONE of them are succeeding. MY WAY takes 100% time, effort, REGARDLESS of whether the customer ends up buying a vehicle or not. We are here to EDUCATE first, not “sell” a vehicle. ALL of these “copy cats” do NOT care about the customer the way we do.


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