• Paul has been great to deal with. I met the process with a bit of skepticism but was truly impressed by his level of expertise and customer service. By the way – definitely suggest being on the phone with him for the auction if you go that route, seriously fun. I will definitely be using Paul again and have been recommending his services to everyone. He has been great after sale as well!
  • This is the first time I have worked with Paul and his team, and I will surely do so again. They seem to know all the keys to give you the best chance at getting the car you want at a reasonable price. Their experience and thorough approach are unique in the business. They have this down to a science, and are careful and considerate of what you want and need. From my experience with them, I would say they are definitely on your side, which is not something I can say about the vast majority of the dealers in this industry. A well-informed buyer will certainly benefit from partnering with the Auto Auction Guy.
  • Went excellently, the price was very low and even free after accounting for the EV subsidy. Delivery was prompt and the service was professional. Auto Auction Guy knows how to get good prices for high quality cars.
    -Smart ForTwo Purchaser